Washing machine moving system
Using Donkey PAL 
When moving the washing machine, your back remains straight at all times.
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If your washing machine has a small water leak, take it out yourself and tighten the connection at the back. Avoiding tradesmen callout charge of £60 or more.

Welcome to Donkey Pal, The washing machine lifting device, you need in your life.

Why use Donkey PAL?
Donkey PAL is a device that will enable you to easily move a washing machine in and out of tight spaces. It will allow you to protect your back and the flooring beneath your washing machine.
This new invention is a lightweight durable device that will enable you to easily remove and return the washing machine.
Washing machines are purposely heavy, the reason for this is to stablise the washing machine vibrations. Washing machines weigh approximately 150lb/60kg hence why they are so difficult to move.

I have seen people lying on their back on the floor, pushing with their feet at the bottom of the washing machine to push it in the gap.

Use Donkey PAL for:
  • Cleaning under your washing machine
  • Having new flooring fitted
  • A repair to your washing machine
  • Replacing your washing machine
  • Moving a washing machine to a new house
Donkey PAL is unique.  

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DONKEY PAL is dispatched from Bristol UK Tel 0117 3333 126 or if abroad +44 117 3333 126