Assembly and Use

  1. Slide the foot plate (A) onto the square section of the axle (B) until it sits at the bottom.
  2. Next, slide the arm (C) onto the square section until it is halfway down, then tighten the adjustment handles (D).
  3. Place the handle bar (E) onto the square section, press the pin, slide it down until it clicks and is secure.
  4. Lastly, lift and lower into place the foot pedal (F) and you are ready to go.

When using your Donkey PAL ensure the washing machine door is open and you are centre to it before you begin.

Push the Donkey PAL against the washing machine so that the foot plate goes under it and the black rubber sits flush against the base.

Raise the arm until the padding is pressed into the top of the drum and tighten the adjustment screws (these can be adjusted for height and depth).

Place your foot on the pedal, hold the handles, lean back and gently pull the washing machine out. If this doesn’t happen straight away or the washing machine catches on the floor, simply twist the upright adjustment handle (G) and this will change the base plate to the correct angle for the machine.

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Washing machine trolley parts

Click on the video above to how easy it is to assemble.
(video is approx. 1 minute long)

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