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Hi, I am Paul, inventor of DONKEY PAL.

I worked in Bristol selling and installing carpets and vinyl until I retired.

I remember replacing a lot of kitchen vinyl which had been damaged (torn) by people dragging washing machines out from under the kitchen counter (expensive).

The damaged vinyl was a problem, however the focus on how to move a washing machine safely escalated when a builder friend (Martin Hutchingson) injured himself moving a washing machine, he has been in pain, and has had several operations removing 4 discs, he is now permanently off work aged 56 and is often in pain. There was no device to help him move a washing machine, so I put my mind to how I could stop other people experiencing the same fate. I started to design a device.

In the process of designing the device I saw on TV, a Doctors’ documentary, where a man was in a wheelchair and it was said his condition was caused by moving a washing machine 7 years previous. I wonder how many more?.

Take Care, Paul Day

The name

DONKEY represents a “small workhorse” and PAL stands not only for “pull and lift” the action when using the device, but as a friend to help and protect you.

Washing machine trolley
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This new invention has a UK patent, reference GB25509019 and is currently awaiting a European wide patent.
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