DONKEY PAL is a washing machine lifting device for moving washing machines the easy way…

The average washing machine weighs approximately 60kg, designed to be heavy, therefore, enabling stability during use. Washing machines are normally installed in a kitchen or utility room, between cupboards and beneath worktops. The combination of a washing machine’s weight and the tight space it sits within makes it notoriously difficult to move.

Let it do the donkey work…

DONKEY PAL (Patent Granted – GB2550919) is a lightweight, durable and simple to use tool, the washing machine lifting device will enable you to move a washing machine in and out of a tight space with ease.

Click on the video above to see how it works.
(video is approx. 1 minute long)

Moving a washing machine incorrectly can cause physical injuries to you or your employees…

Moving a washing machine without a washing machine lifting device can cause life changing injuries including; slipped discs, hernias, etc. These conditions could all be avoided.

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washing machine lifting device

Moving a washing machine can also cause damage…

Furthermore, there are several dangers involved, when trying to pull or push a washing machine into position, for instance, this can result in the following:

  • Damage to flooring
    – ripped lino / scratches or denting to laminate and wooden floors / cracked floor tiles

Business sectors that can benefit from using this Safety Washing Machine Lifting Device…

We specifically designed this device for use by individuals and companies that regularly need to move washing machines in and out of the unit install area.

Just some of trades and industries that can benefit from using this great device:

  • Washing machine repair companies
  • Washing machine installers
  • Commercial cleaning companies
  • Kitchen installers
  • Flooring contractors
  • Removal companies
  • Property Letting Agents

Cleaning under your washing machine is made simple…

Firstly, Bacteria growth is harboured under your washing machine.

Secondly, when the washing machine lifting device is used for moving a washing machine, your back is kept straight when lifting, avoiding bending and lifting, therefore this can save you from injuries.
3 Years Guarantee

Manufactured to last, you have our Guarantee…

We are so confident in the strength & build quality that we offer a  3 Year Guarantee with every DONKEY PAL purchased. We built this device to last longer than the guarantee.

BUY NOW – From just £89.99

Click on the video above to how easy it is to assemble.
(video is approx. 1 minute long)

The easy to assemble washing machine lifting device…

The washing machine lifting device can be stored fully assembled, for ease of transportation, it can be easily and quickly assembled on-site. You will not require any specialist tools to assemble this device.

DONKEY PAL is available to purchase on its own or with a high quality carry bag.

Any questions? Then please drop us a line…

The DONKEY PAL is dispatched from Bristol UK Tel 0117 3333 126 or if abroad +44 117 3333 126